One of the steps I took was to change my circle of friends and contacted real mentors

Early this year, wrong choices were made. By mid this year, some of those choices were corrected and worked on. I have come to realize that all that happened and is still happening is for a purpose.
Really I learnt it the hard way but I sincerely needed it.
One of the steps I took was to change my circle of friends and contacted real mentors and is been very rewarding.
In July, I attended a Win/Win workshop by my amiable Coach and Mid-wife Ini Akpan. Oooh, I will keep thanking God for that day because I didn’t almost go because I had an appointment with a business owner. Time clashing things… Infact I came in to that workshop late; but guess what? IT WAS EVERYTHING WORTHWHILE!
Before the end of July, two companies was calling in for attractive offers.
I only applied a ‘borrowed part’ of the training ooo o; writing a business plan. Just small things I wrote o with the help of the Holy spirit… Hmmm
I won’t tell you what one of the potential employer said but really, it was fantastically embarrassing if there is any English sentence like that. Hahahaha
On friday last week, I helped a friend in writing a business plan. Guess what? He resumed work at the company this monday, 1st of August! as a General Manager!
If you have an appointment on the 20th of August, please for the sake of your business and career, ATTEND the next workshop.
If that is the only investment you made for the year 2016, is worthwhile.
Learn how to:
* Winning business proposals
* Intrigueing business plans
* Captivating sales copies
* Team Building
Let me tell you, Google is not enough, Bing is not enough neither is any other search engines tools.
Hear and learn from practical masters.
I never sabi write grammar but no try me for actions and implementations!
Enjoy the rest of the day!

Engagement is not Marriage, its Marriage in the nearest view

Hahhahahahahahahaha…. I loved this when I saw it on a friend’s wall today but at the same time, it made me laugh out loud.

I shared it on my Facebook wall and you need to see the response I got…. Lolzzz even people wey never check my wall shared and commented… Check it out now….

I remembered few years ago when I got two rings on my birthday. One from the guy I was in a relationship with and the other from a friend who was supposed to be teaching and grooming the teenagers with me in a Forum. Lol

At the end of the day, I returned both rings without fights or quarrels. I only understood the implication of wearing false rings for the next only God knows when.

A friend shared a story of a lady who she thought was married in the last two years because she was always putting on her rings and at the end of the day, the story was too long and messy to explain.

Ladies, be wise. Guys, be responsible and know what you want.

If you don’t have a sister, you have a niece or a mother and probably, you will have a daughter. Treat a woman the way you want any woman in your life to be treated.

sikenas…. that’s all. That’s all I have to say for now.

Ministry of Fear

Fear is the instrument/weapon which the devil uses in enslaving people.
The largest ministry run by the devil is the MINISTRY OF FEAR.
In this ministry, you would see pastors, priests, people of great substance, great and small, rich and poor being very committed members.
Having failed severally has not made you a failure yet. The faster we understand this and allow God, the better.
Having failed severally is not your destiny, covenant, prophecy or whatever you might call it. Is one of those things that prepare and takes you to where God wants you to be.
Just in case you were like me when I started out my relationship with God. Trying to shut my eyes or stay undistracted for at least one minute. It took a while and the help of the Holy Spirit to handle that.
I can assure you, the experience is usually sweet and real.
Do not allow the spirit of fear to destroy the gift(s) of God in you.
Great day ahead.